How the Entry Timer Works


There have been quite a few people that have written in asking questions about the entry timer. A lot of them could easily be answered if there were some info on how TDF Tracker’s timer actually worked internally. I would like to give some details that may help answer these and other questions. The two main questions are:

  • Do you have to stay in TDF Tracker for the timer to work?
  • Does the timer affect the battery life of my iPhone/iPod touch?

Some Details

The timer, while it looks like it is actually keeping track of each second it runs, only keeps track of the start and stop of the timer. When you click on the “Start” button of the timer, it records the time it was clicked. When you click the “Stop” button the program compares the time it was clicked with the start time that was recorded earlier and now knows how long the “timer” was running and can add that to the time spent on the entry.
While you are in the program, there are places you need to know how long the timer has been running, and while looking at these it does do a second by second update of the display to show you what the time would be “if” you clicked the “Stop” button, but when you quit the program the timer does not need to do anything to keep track of the time.
This not only allows you to quit the program, but you could turn off your iPhone/iPod touch and the timer would still work.
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