Adding Entries to Past Dates With No Entry


In order to help speed day-to-day navigation on the Main Entry screen, TDF Tracker skips days with no entries as you use the previous day and next day arrows. This helps to make it easy to review the days you have time on and to make adjustments, however it poses a problem if you want to add time to a day in the past that does not already have an entry. Since you currently have no way to select that date from the Main Entry screen, it appears as a limitation in TDF Tracker.


Any entry in TDF Tracker can be moved from one date to another easily from the Entry details screen, which works to add entries to dates in the past with no entry. Here is how to to it:
  1. Create an entry for the currently selected date
  2. On the Entry Details screen, fill out all of the details.
  3. Tap on the date while in the Entry Details Screen
  4. Choose the date you would like the entry to be on
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