How do I remove or edit something in the Client/Project/Task/Purpose list?

Removing an item from the list

Items my be removed from the list by tapping the "Edit' button in the top right of the list search screen.  This will take you into the list editor mode - where you can tap on the red delete symbol next to any item you wish to remove.  Once you confirm that you want to delete the item, it is removed from the list.

Deleting an item from the list does not affect existing entries - so even after an item is removed from a list, past entries using that item will still show properly in summaries and reports.

Editing an item in the list 

Currently, items in the Client/Project/Task/Purpose lists can not directly be edited.  Changes to the lists are handled by either removing an item from the list (see above) or adding a new item to the list.

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