Can you invoice or set a client rate in TDF Tracker?

TDF Tracker does not currently support any invoicing/billing capabilities – for two main reasons. 

  1. The main purpose for TDF Tracker is to track time, mileage, and expense – and to do it well.  We strive to make TDF Tracker intuitive to use, quick to enter data, and flexible enough that it can be used by different clients to track that data.  
  2. There are so many different ways to handle billing that we currently don’t have a solution we feel would be flexible enough (or intuitive enough) to satisfy all our current customers.

We have had many requests to add some type of billing feature to TDF Tracker – and may at some point in the future if we can find a suitable solution.  In the mean time, we plan on focusing on the many ideas we have to improve our core functionality.

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